Importance of Supportive Ostomy Clothing

person wearing ostomy clothing

Selecting the right stoma clothes is essential for comfort and confidence when living with a stoma. In this blog post, we will provide guidance on how to choose the perfect stoma clothing to meet your specific needs.


1. Body Image and Clothing

Whether male or female, we all have our own personal perception of our bodies. We all like and dislike certain aspects. Everyone is different. Your surgery has caused a significant physical change to your body. This may, in turn, affect how you feel about yourself. This is completely normal and it will take time to adjust to these changes. Remember, your stoma does not define who you are.


2. What Are Stoma Clothes?

There is no reason why you can’t wear a variety of different clothing that is comfortable and stylish. With our Ostomy Clothing Company (OCC) undergarments, you will find different ways of supporting the ostomy bag with more comfort and confidence.

One important thing to note, is that you want to wear clothing where your waistband or belt is on top of the stoma. This could be not only uncomfortable, but also restrict the bag too much.

Our ostomy garments are designed with a higher waistband, and a pouch located in just the right place for your bag to sit comfortably while allowing the bag to expand when necessary. Should you have a urostomy, there is a drainage hole that you can conveniently empty your urine bag as necessary.

You have different choices in our OCC clothing. As you will see in the catalogue, there are different styles of underwear, depending on your preferences.


3. Material Matters

With the exception of the men’s boxers, which are made from polyester, all of our clothes are made from a cotton blend. When you first come home from the hospital, the stoma area can be very sensitive. I found that having a smooth surface, rather than having seams rub against my skin and incisions was much better. We specifically made our seams on the outside of the clothes (flatlock) to maximize comfort.


4. Functionality

Our OCC clothes have been designed to provide comfort. We also have cummerbunds and wraps that many people find supportive. Our pouch covers discreetly cover your bag.

Our OCC shower buddy help you when in the shower. It does not keep the bag dry, but will wick away the water to help protect the integrity of the seal of the flange.


Choosing our stoma clothing enhances comfort, confidence, and overall quality of life while living with a stoma.


We are here to help

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